Discovery Systems began operations in the Fall of 1988, taking our name from the Discovery space shuttle which was launched around the same time. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and a strict attention to detail is the key ingredient in our continued success. In 1993 we incorporated as Discovery Systems, Inc. and in 1996 spun off our consulting and contract services as Discovery Consulting Service, Inc.


Being divided in to two separate organizations that work together provides a seamless solution source and dual points of contact. Separating product sourcing from the design decisions insures our recommendations are always guided by your needs – and not a salesman’s needs to sell his products. Discovery Consulting concentrates on developing the solutions that improve your business and are what you need. Discovery Systems insures that the technology products s you have in place are the right products and are working for you.


Reliable service is the key to customer satisfaction. Our commitment to it has built our repair and support services. Whether you purchased from us are not, we are here and ready to get you going.