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Broken Screen?

There’s no sicker feeling than opening your notebook only to find the screen is broken or blank.  We can almost always fix this – and at a reasonable price.

Just give us a call.

Spill something on your notebook?

  1. Stop the spill. Adding more liquid isn’t going to make things better.
  2. Cut the power to your laptop. Unplug the laptop and the network cable from the wall. Now, disconnect the power cable from the laptop. Please be careful when doing this. Some power sources have capacitors in them that can still store a charge and if you touch it with wet hands will give you a nasty shock.
  3. If there is smoke or a fire – Get Out and Call for Help. Otherwise
  4. Turn the laptop over and remove the battery. This cuts all power to the laptop. Electronics and water don’t have as hard a time together as they do when there is electricity flowing through them. Turning the laptop over will also help in draining the liquid off of your laptop.
  5. Wait and then Call Us if necessary. Don’t do anything with the laptop for a good while.   If it was just water, wait maybe 30 minutes or more and try briefly to turn it on.  If it doesn’t come on, was some other liquid, especially milk or sugar, or you notice a pungent odor, the system board will need to be examined and cleaned with an alcohol bath.

If these don’t work, contact us and we will help.  Call 832-448-9000 or

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