How long will my service take?

Diagnosis takes around a half hour or less and is free. All Diagnosis are performed with in a day of logging in. . Our typical invoice rarely exceeds 3 hours.  Note: (Data Recovery may take considerably longer.)

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes. We stand behind our service and repair 100%.

Can I drop off my computer for a faster repair or discount?

Yes. Call us first to arrange for a shop repair.

What if my problem only takes 30 minutes to resolve? Am I still charged for a full hour?

Yes. However, if your service call is completed quickly you can ask the technician to look at other potential problems or answer any questions you might have about your system. Fractions after the first hour are billed in 15 minute increments.

How do I best prepare for my service call?

To make best use of the technicians time we recommend you make a list of all the problems you are experiencing with your system, and have all manuals, software CD’s and any other information about the computer readily available.

I purchased my computer used and I don’t have any of the original software or drivers available. Can you still help me?

Yes. Typically a technician will be able to restore your original applications, data and serial numbers without having the original software CD’s or manuals.

My company is looking to hire a computer specialist, do you offer monthly contracts?

Yes. Please call 602-332-2116 and ask.

Do you charge for “travel time”.

No. Our rate is inclusive of travel time, parking and tolls.

What is your hourly rate?

We charge $85 per hour in house and $95 on site and bill in 30 minute increments after one hour.

Which locations do you serve?

We serve Houston west side for home service and greater Houston for business.

What computers do you work on?

Discovery Systems is an authorized service provider for IBM/Lenovo and Toshiba. We fix most major brand computers that are out of warranty.

Does my warranty cover Software problems or viruses/spyware?

Software problems or viruses/spyware would not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer’s warranty covers failure of the hardware components of your computer.

Will I need to drop off anything besides the computer?

Usually no. Most of the time we have the necessary cables and accessories to get a machine up and running. Notebook computers are an exception to this rule; if you are bringing in your notebook for repair, please bring along the AC adapter or power cord for the machine, as we may not have the right cables for your specific model of notebook.

How long is the warranty on a repair?

Service parts have a warranty of 30 days or as covered by manufacturer.