Malware is notoriously difficult to remove, as it embeds in Windows, modifies system files, or the malware virus files are hidden. For this reason, most computer users are not able to eliminate the problem on their own. Our computer technicians have the expertise with malware and virus removal and specialized utilities to uncover viruses and malware and delete them without losing your data.

Viruses and malware increase in number with each passing year and this has become a hugely profitable criminal enterprise. Initially, computer viruses began with programmers showing off their ability to exploit security holes. The problem grew exponentially more than ten years ago, when criminal organizations began to reap profits by stealing financial information and trade secrets.

There are a few problems that can indicate the presence of malware, such as the computer running slowly, many pop up advertisements, or the computer not running properly. Once malware is present, it won’t help to install antivirus software, as the virus will prevent its removal. Our experienced techniques use the utilities we have designed to remove virus and malware and restore the operation of our computer. In most cases, reinstallation of windows and applications is not necessary after repair and we will install anti-virus software to prevent problems in the future.

Customers frequently want to know how their computer became infected with malware and viruses. A variety of sources can transmit viruses, such as infected websites, free applications, spam, and clicking on malicious banner ads. In recent years, the number of fraudulent antivirus programs has increased, usually downloaded through banner ads warning that your computer has been infected and claiming to remove it. The software will then gain access to credit card information. We provide virus removal service to remove these programs.

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